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What is Laser Skirmish?

Laser Skirmish Definition

Laser skirmish is a team game that can be played either indoors or outdoors. It is a fast-paced, fun game that recreates mock combat missions for entertainment. Traditional laser tag was played indoors with neon lights and tiny phasers. Its big brother, Laser Skirmish has ramped up the adrenalin, is like a live vvideo game. Usually played in two teams where players shoot laser guns with an invisible and harmless infrared beam, with sensors detecting hits.

Laser Skirmish is a completely new game developed by Battlefield Sports. Laser Skirmish equipment is 100% portable, tough, weather-proof, team-focused, and can be used either indoors or outdoors.

what is laser skirmish The technology enables extended range of infrared units in all playing conditions. Extensive testing was carried out to achieve optimal levels of range and firepower of each gun/sensor for the most satisfying gaming experience in a commercial environment. The combat game of Laser Skirmish has been influenced by modern video games and military training scenarios. These scenarios provide team members the opportunity to overcome adversity together, and gain greater understanding of the team cohesion and the value of communication.

Infrared is on the safe side of the visible spectrum and is also the spectrum of choice for other military grade combat simulation equipment, like the U.S. Army M.I.L.E.S. system. Some of the Laser Skirmish core concepts developed by Battlefield Sports that have transformed living gaming are:


Laser Skirmish is fun combat games like a live computer game. Laser Skirmish equipment is:

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Laser Skirmish is the original brand of outdoor laser tag. We've been making kids (and the young at heart) happy for more than 10 years in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast.

We offer army themed birthday parties for children and their parents/carers.

Laser Skirmish a wide range of gaming guns to suit gamers of all shapes and sizes. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each model will help your team ensure victory on the battlefield

Fun Birthday Party Ideas

Laser Skirmish is a great choice for a boy birthday party or a family fun day out. At Laser Skirmish, our army parties in the forest are suitable for primary school aged kids and their parents (and siblings). Here at Laser Skirmish, we call it our "Family Fun Session."

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