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Skirmish Line

The key to a skirmish line is that players are at least 30 feet (10 meters) apart from one another.

So if you have a squad of say 10 players, your line should extend 300 feet (100m) or more.  You should not be so far apart them so you lose contact with the next friendly to your left or right.

Generally, the team leader should be positioned in the centre so you can make sure everyone stays in line.

With very inexperienced players, the team leader may have to walk up and down the line making sure everyone else stays in line and keeps advancing despite enemy fire.

A skirmish line is effective due for a few good reasons.

It’s simple.

Remember Laser Skirmish players are not trained soldiers, rather players are at Laser skirmish to have some fun therefore complex plans are often doomed to failure.
Players need to remain in contact with each other so they can still communicate and talk with one another.

Each player provides cross fire support to every other player. By spreading out significantly, the opposition will find it hard to find effective cover against fire from the flanks of the skirmish line.

The formation provides the maximum amount of forward directing fire possible with no risk of making friendly hits. Of course with our software system, SATR, used in Laser Skirmish friendly fire is turned off. So in other words with the SATR system team A can ONLY shoot team B.

The skirmish line is not very useful in urban battlefields or indoor arenas. The walls break up the formation very quickly, and it is impossible to see all your players as you move around buildings.


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