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Re-placements & Re-spawns

In many Laser Skirmish games, re-placements or re-spawns are used so that dead or de-activated players can re-enter the mission representing reserves.

3 Top Mistakes with Re-spawns

How to Avoid these Mistakes

The leader, especially in laser skirmish games with lots of re-placements, should consider assigning the Second in Charge (2IC) or personally take charge of providing orders to replacements as they re-enter the battle.

During an offensive action, it is often best to attack in waves; therefore the team leader should keep the replacements together until adequate numbers are available to form another wave.

Clearly when defending, maintaining an adequate diametre of the perimetre is of vital importance.
Once the opposition can shoot across the perimetre to hit defenders on the other side, most cover becomes worthless, and therefore casualties quickly mount.

If required, re-placements should form a group to counter-attack the lost perimetre. The earlier the counter-attack can be mounted, the higher the chance of success.
Laser Skirmish games played using the SATR system usually give players a set duration of re-spawns. For example say the Laser Skirmish game goes for 15 minutes duration, often the medic boxes (one at each team’s base) are set to issue an unlimited number of re-spawns for 14 minutes.

The system can also issue a set number of re-spawns, but we’ve found that timed re-spawned means more action!


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