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Welcome to Laser Skirmish - This is your Mission Briefing

We are here to help you have a great time today. If you need any help today, please ask us, we are here to help.

Here are the topics in this mission briefing:
•    Safety
•    Getting Tagged
•    How to Tag Someone
•    Games to Play.


Laser Skirmish is a non-contact game, this means you can’t run into another player or grab their phaser. In the forest there are plenty of tripping hazards, you need to take care as you move around the battlefield. Rocks can be slippery when wet, so can the concrete pads, please take care.  

The rear boundary is marked with a fence, notice that beyond the fence is a track that is the horse trail. Do not go on the horse trial it is completely out of bounds. The rest of the field is marked with low rope about 30-40cm from the ground, don’t cross or pass this.

The phasers emit harmless infrared, just like a big TV remote. So the phasers are eye-safe.


The next topic is getting tagged. Every phaser has 3 infrared sensors -- 2 in domes that mount on your head and 1 on the barrel of the phaser. This is where you can get tagged.

On your display you will see the 1st two letters say “HP”, this stands for Hit Points. The number after the slash is the number of hit points you get when we start each game, this is set to 5. This means you can be tagged 5 times before you are deactivated. You can be tagged once per second. The number before the slash, is your current health, when this reaches 0, you are deactivated.

The first two times you are tagged, your phaser will make a “zoooosh” sound effect indicating a near miss. The next two times you are tagged you will hear a wound noise like “OAUGH!” Finally when you are deactivated, you will hear a “dying” sound, like “AAAAAARGH!”

There are also sound effect when you tag someone e.g. your phaser says the word “Tagged” each time you tag an opponent. When your phaser says “Deactivated”, you know you have deactivated an opponent.  You can’t tag someone on your own team, only on the opposition team.

If you are deactivated, return to your base. This is where you started the game from.

Here you will find a medic box.  Go to the medic box and point your head sensor at the top of the box and then push the middle button on the box.  Your phaser should then say “Reactivated”.

Do not move this box.

It is cheating to place your hand over the sensors including the one on the phaser barrel. The head sensors must remain on your head during the entire game.  If they accidently fall off, the rule is to stop trying to tag anyone, stop moving, and put the sensor back on.


To tag someone, aim through the red-dot scope on the top. This red-dot is an optical illusion there are no actual lasers or laser designators in this game. Aim about 5 - 8 cm above the sensor unless you have a large rifle, in which case aim 12 - 15cm above the sensor.  

Notice that the infrared beam comes out of the 40-50mm tube. It is important to make sure this tube is clear of any cover.

When you’re tagging, there is a muzzle flash, this is just a harmless light effect.

If you push the black button on the right of your phaser, the unit will switch to single fire, push it again returns it back to fully automatic.

When you empty a clip you will hear a dry fire noise, this means that you are out of ammo. To reload push the red button on the left, let go and wait a few seconds.  

If you hear your phaser say “Power Depleted” when you reload, that means you have no more spare clips, in which case return to your Medic Box and push the red button on the box while pointing your head sensor at the box.

On your display, the top right has C for Clip, this means how much ammo you have.  The second line as R for Reloads followed by T this stands for Tags, this is the number of times you have made without causing a deactivation. Next is D for Deactivations.  D is how many deactivations you have made.   

The 3rd line has A with a % sign, this is your accuracy percentage followed by S which indicates how many reactivations you have had.  

The bottom line is the status bar. The status bar will tell you what your phaser is currently doing. Each time we start a game check your status bar has changed to “Ready”, if it still says something like “Game Stats” or “Session Stats”, then come and see one of us so we can fix this for you.


We are going to run two 15 minute domination games. This is a domination box, the computer inside it has two timers, one for Alpha team and one for Bravo team. When you tag (shoot) the box your timer begins, when the other team tags the box, your timer stops and their timer starts.  You have to tag the top part, so you will need to get in close.  The team that has the most amount of time wins.  You can tell your team is in control by the colour of the light flashing. If the light is flashing red, Alpha team is in control. If it is flashing blue, Bravo team is in control.  If you’re already in control, you don’t need to tag the box again; rather try to drive back the opposition team so they can’t tag the box. Every 5 seconds the box will also announce which team is in control.

Do not move the domination box. During this game the medic box (back at your base) will provide unlimited reactivations.

When the game ends, the box will announce the winner.  You can also tell which team has won by the colour of the flashing light.  If Alpha team wins, the light will flash red and if Bravo team wins, the light will flash blue.

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