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Laser Tag in a Box Rentals (Perth)

Laser Tag Rentals Perth - Home Laser Tag Parties

Hire our Laser Tag in a Box for a fun party in Perth. Have the party at your place. Call to book 1800266587

We deliver the box right to your door using Star Track Express. In fact we deliver all across Western Australia.

Laser tag birthday parties are a really fun choice for kids and adults, boys and girls and a new take on this old favourite might just take the headache out of organising your next party.

Hiring Laser Tag kit for fun in the backyard is a way to turn up the enjoyment and reduce the hassle.

Laser tag is a game where players are each given a phaser with integrated sensors. Gamers then try to tag each other's sensors.

"Laser-Tag-in-a-Box" will rent you all of the equipment you need to play laser tag at your house or backyard all weekend. Laser Tag rental means you can play as many games as you want. The batteries are long lasting so there can be hours of fun.

This is the address of your local StarTrack Express depot.


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