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Wasp Laser & Paintball

Laser Skirmish at WASP Paintball

Often called the Real Life Computer Game, Laser Skirmish is a revolution in safe, fun and realistic gaming, and WASP laser is a great place to play.

SATR Laser Skirmish is a team based game similar to paintball, but with the added bonus that we don’t use any physical projectiles meaning it is clean and safe to play.

SATR Laser Skirmish is suitable for children aged 8 years and up.

The incredibly realistic weapons fire a harmless infra-red beam similar to the remote controls found in most homes.

Using light weight sensors that attach to the players headgear and self contained weapons, there are no bulky vests or protective equipment required, giving you more freedom to move and have fun.

This was the location of the 2011 Australian National Clan War. Previously branded as Castle Invasion.

You can also play paintball at this location.



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