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Laser Skirmish (Gold Coast)

Laser Skirmish Gold Coast / Tamborine Gold Coast Hinterland

Experience the adventure of being part of a simulated battle at Laser Skirmish Thunderbird Park on the Gold Coast, Australia. Call to book 1300 666 559 or 0432 058 910.

This laser skirmish venue is great for birthday parties or school groups.

laser skirmish gold coast

Laser Skirmish at Thunderbird Park

Thunderbird Park is the place for your ultimate holiday adventure.

The new attraction was created by Battlefield Sports, the original creators of Laser Skirmish.

Gold Coast's Thunderbird Park has developed a unique combat entertainment attraction. It is actually inspired by the famous Kokoda Track. The battlefield is quite authentic being set in the tropical jungle.

The outdoor field offers an area of 12,000 square meters (or 3 acres).

Laser Skirmish also plans battlefield upgrades, collaborating with the production designers whose other credits include Wolverine X-men, and Spielberg's "The Pacific."

The entire area is planned to be like a movie set to ensure the video-game-like impact throughout the battlefield.

The weapon props available to the combatants offer a wide variety of gaming guns.

The gaming guns also have patent-pending real-time hit-feedback, so you know when you've got your opponent.

The experience kicks off with a mission briefing.

The gamers are split up into two teams - the introductory mission is a warm up game, where Team Bravo battle Team Delta - each battles over control of a fort.

The next mission is a scenario mission playing the Australians and the Japanese. Here the gamers fight along a track, in a series of strong points. This is where mates can become heroes for a day.

Gamers can then debrief amongst themselves at the Rainforest Kiosk while enjoying a wood-fired pizza and a drink from the bar.


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