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Dalby PCYC
Unleashing kids’ potential starts here at PCYC Dalby.
Established as a PCYC branch in 1989, PCYC Dalby works together in partnership with the Western Downs Regional Council and the Dalby and surrounding communities to provide affordable and accessible sporting and recreational activities suitable for all ages.  
PCYC is striving to enhance the community through youth development by developing and delivering a diverse range of social, welfare and cultural programs aimed at providing young people with an opportunity to flourish and be responsible members of their community. 
PCYC Dalby currently hosts a very popular and successful gymnastics program for competitors of all ages.  Along with this program, the club runs seasonally based Basketball, Netball, Dance, Boxing, Martial Arts and Fitness sporting programs.  These activities cater for mixed teams, senior, junior and social involvement. 
We welcome new sporting and recreational programs and the involvement of volunteers, coaches and referees and further encourages anyone in the community to make contact with the club in order to introduce and improve such programs.
PCYC Dalby invites active participation from Volunteers of all ages and skill levels.  
Please enquire at the club about how you could help your community by volunteering with a professional and reputable not for profit organisation.
Charitable and not-for-profit status secured – Donations and Sponsorships are welcomed and tax deductable.  
It all starts here.
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