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Basic Laser Skirmish Game Rules

Here are the most common rules at Laser Skirmish venues. Exact game rules may vary from field to field.

•    No physical contact
•    No behaviour is allowed that could cause injury to any person
•    No one is to use their laser skirmish gun before the whistle is blown
•    In general, you cannot move more than 10 metres from your assigned base camp before the starting whistle blows.
•    The mission end will be signalled as finished by one whistle blow or siren.
•    When you die you must take off your hat off and return to your base or armoury if permanently eliminated.
•    While dead including when returning for a re-spawn, you are not allowed to speak to anyone.
•    The organisers reserve the right to re-organise the teams before each mission to ensure balance.
•    Everyone must complete and sign the disclaimer before participating, to indicate that you play at your own risk and you understand there are some risks involved.
•    No one is to leave the battlefield with any laser skirmish equipment.
•    No real knives, blank fire pistols or any illegal substances on the gaming ground
•    Leave your sensors front and back on your head wear on unless you are dead, sensors must be placed uncovered one front and one back. Gaming Gun sensors may not be taped over.
•    Displays are not to be taped over.  
•    Speakers are not to be taped over.  
•    Sensors must be mounted on the head in such a way they are clearly visible from all directions.
•    Nothing can be placed on the head or on the front of the gun that can in any way block the sensors taking hits from any angle.   It is illegal to place any object including a hand over the gun or head sensors except for non moveable cover.   
•    Players cannot carry any object to later use as cover because such cover would be too flimsy to be effective in a combat situation
•    Once the whistle blows to indicate mission end, do not discharge any more rounds because the number of soldiers surviving on each squad may impact the score.
•    Players are not to block the muzzle flash in any way
•    Weapons cannot be captured from the enemy soldiers although they can be shared between a squad before a mission or when both players are dead and awaiting a re-spawn.   
•    All players must remain within the designated battlefield boundaries or be at the armoury when holding any laser skirmish equipment.


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