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Is Laser Skirmish A Sport?

Laser Skirmish is a hybrid between a sport and a recreational activity. It is usually played outdoors in which players, in teams or as individuals, use infra-red emitting devices, to tag sensor targets. 

It is a variation of traditional Laser Tag which was originally played in indoor arenas. One of the variations was instead of tiny “pew-pew” phasers Laser Skirmish often offers a range of laser tag guns from Sub Machine Guns to Sniper Rifles. 

The sport originated in the United Kingdom by hobbyists in private clubs where members enjoyed combat gaming live role-plays.

The sport really expanded when it was commercialised throughout Australia. 

Laser Skirmish quickly became popular in several countries, and soon turned into a stalwart for birthday party entertainment and corporate team building.

Today, Laser Skirmish is mostly played in outdoor forests or around inflatable obstacles as a mobile event. During the last few years laser skirmish has also gained popularity large-box indoor warehouse mazes. 

The Laser Skirmish Team Death Match

team death matchA popular team game is Team Death Match. All players get a laser tag gun with 5 hit points, when they have been tagged 5 times they need to return to their base camp for a respawn. One team must try to eliminate their opposition. The winning team is the one with the least number of re-spawns. 

The Laser Skirmish Domination Game


domination game

Another popular team game is Domination.

Again each player gets a laser tag gun but this time they need to tag each other and hit a central objective. The computer inside the Domination Box records how long each team has control of it. The winning team is the one which controls the Domination Box for the longest duration. 

The Laser Skirmish Escort The VIP Game

VIP Escort GameA third popular game is called Escort the VIP. One team is designated to be Special Forces, they get 6 hit points. They are up against the Ambushing Team, players on this team on get 4 hit points. And one member of the SF team has to be protected by others from getting tagged. This VIP only gets 2 hit points. 


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