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3 Tips To Make Your Work Christmas Party Fun

It's Finance versus Logistics. Or IT vs Marketing. Or it is a four way friendly competition - but this is serious fun. In fact you can have up to 7 teams vying for victory. 

Laser Skirmish is a brilliant way to level the playing field. This is your chance to shoot the boss (and the boss will love it because he or she won't get brusied!).  

Get outdoors and play at your own pace. Far away from the florescent lights, office cubicals and stuffy boardrooms. 

This is a corporate Christmas Party with a twist. It is a way to break away from ho-hum office party. And it is something that will get the staff talking about you and what they did to Capture the Flag for weeks into the New Year. 

Tip #1: Big Group or Small 

Laser Skirmish works well for very large corporate groups. We've entertained group where 100 or more people play at once. In fact our biggest event ever was 436 people playing together. Wow! Now that's a battle. But outdoor laser tag also works well for small work Christmas parties with groups of 6 or more. 

Tip #2: Add Food

Let's face it, festive food is important to a successful work Christmas party. If you book at our Thunderbird Park venue the restaurant can cater for your team. Or if you book at one of our other venues you can organise a third-party catering option, or bring your own BBQ or picnic. Remember Laser Skirmish can even come to you! 

Tip #3: Theme The Party

It is the red team versus the green team. You can select a color theme or go for a M*A*S*H theme. The sky's the limit. Get creative. We can adjust the fun and games to suit your team's theme. 

Book Soon 

Christmas is just around the corner. 

If you are looking for a fun, easy to organise Work Christmas Party then consider Laser Skirmish. 

Call us to see what we can do for you PH: 1300 666 559

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