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About Laser Skirmish

A world first, our parent company “Battlefield Sports” has created a unique live game, outdoor laser tag, with breakthrough digital technology. Laser Skirmish is the original and the first outdoor laser games. Laser Skirmish is Australian-owned and Australian-made.

Our application of advanced optoelectronics (emitting infrared through a lens and receiving an enhanced signal through special infrared filters) has enabled infrared combat simulation in daylight. Battlefield Sports' manufacturing division was founded on the key belief that Laser Skirmish as an alternative to paintball has several unique selling features namely:

Because our units have no projectile and because of the versatility of the Laser Skirmish technology our equipment offers longer weapons’ range, improved data transmission, reduces player cheating and promotes teamwork.

Further, it has enabled clients to play the sport in a wide variety of venues, from ski fields to rainforest tropics, as part of school adventure education, and both stand-alone Laser Skirmish battlefields and as a complementary offering at paintball parks.

Battlefield Sports sells about 50% of its Laser Skirmish products internationally. We have been honoured with several awards, the most significant being Exporter of the Year in the Queensland Premier’s Export Awards for Arts/Entertainment.

Laser Skirmish has extensive market worldwide – especially where paintball is restricted or illegal.

Laser Skirmish Worldwide

As well as strong national sales, we have exported to more than 40 countries.

Battlefield Sports kicked off in January 2000. Battlefield Sports grew out of our previous games concept and software development business called Timescape Pty Ltd. Timescape, was incorporated in 1991, and each year has expanded its sales and market share. (We re-branded in line with shift from indoor to outdoor laser tag.)

The commercial experience obtained from operating Laser Skirmish (our own commercial battlefields - we operate three battlefields: Tamborine, Mt Cotton, Mt Crosby) has led to the development of the necessary commercial grade laser skirmish equipment.

The founders have also operated an indoor laser tag arena before switching to laser skirmish because it proved to be a better business model. Many of our staff have previously been regular laser tag or paintball players, a source of experience that has been heavily drawn on in the development of Battlefield Sports.

Boosting market awareness is important, according to Peter Lander, live gaming guru "We're making it easier for clients to access our services through an updated web site and 24hr email support," says Mr. Lander.

"The emergence of as a major player has placed new imperatives on the development of Battlefield Sports and Laser Skirmish as the leader in the marketing and manufacture of laser skirmish guns."

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