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Strategies & Tactics to win at Laser Skirmish


Here are the basics of playing Laser Skirmish for those who are new to the game. Contact your local field to book your birthday party or sports team event. Or email us at

Laser Skirmish Aiming

The most basic skill of Laser Skirmish is to learn how to aim effectively. The first thing to realize is that you have to hit the sensors to make hits, therefore you should aim at the sensors (either on the head or the gun).

Even if you can see the players head or part of the gun, you should in most cases hold fire until you can actually see the sensor.

Remember that shooting gives away your position and wastes ammunition so you only want to shoot in when you are confident of making a hit. The exception to this is when you serve as a supporting class, and lay down suppressive fire to allow your riflemen to maneuver. When you do start firing, especially if your weapon has a large magazine capacity, its possible to create an area effect on the enemy. By firing in fully automatic mode and creating a tight circle with your weapon. Simply move your rifle aim around the target area.

The result is that even if your target moves he/she is still likely to be hit. If you are using a telescopic scope, the scope is mounted such as it is between 10-15cm above the actual barrel.

Each week at Laser Skirmish HQ we zero the scopes in to make sure that that scope and the lens assembly are in parallel so the sight is correct out to any distance. With telescopic scopes, one needs to keep your eye steady and around 6cm (varies from scope to scope) back from the back of the scope to see through it clearly.

Too close or too far away and the vision will be black or very narrow. Using telescopic scopes effectively takes practice however they do allow very accurate fire at range.

With Red Dot scopes, typically found on most gaming guns you should make sure you can see the red dot in the scope and keep the red dot near the centre. You then put the red dot 5-10cm above the targets sensor.

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