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Laser Skirmish Gaming Guns

Play Laser Skirmish with real-time gaming statistics.

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Bondi Vet Chris Brown reviews Laser Skirmish: Fun Rating - Ten out of Ten

Birthday Party Ideas for Girls & Boys

Looking for some fun ideas and birthday party ideas for girls? Click here

Find. Book. Play Laser Skirmish

Laser Skirmish is the original brand of outdoor laser tag. Laser Skirmish is a fun and thrilling activity. Great for the young, and the young-at-heart. 

It's kind of like: "high tech, hide & seek" outside!

Think: live video game.

Available now at our Tamborine Battlefield these school holidays - new Battle Royale LIVE

Laser Skirmish is inspired by the latest video game franchises, like Fortnite.

We use the Battlefield Sports laser tag equipment. This web site is designed so you can find your closest laser skirmish battlefield.

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Laser Skirmish is not a franchise rather this web site is a directory of laser skirmish operators that use 100% Battlefield Sports laser tag equipment.

Since we are not a franchise local prices and session times may vary. Please check with your local Battlefield Operator.

To get started, just click on "locations" to ask your local battlefield for information.

Laser Skirmish - A New Brand Of Laser Tag

You've seen the movies, you've played Xbox & online games now it's time to LIVE them!

Laser Skirmish uses gaming guns to run mock combat missions, just like a live video game. Our gaming guns shoot infrared (like your TV Remote) but have an authentic look, weight, size, sound, muzzle flash.

You and your buddies execute scenarios, which challenge you to capture and hold a base, patrol, or escort VIPs.

It is a fun and thrilling birthday party or sports team event. Laser Skirmish is also popular with Youth Groups and Church Groups.

Get your adrenaline pumping & your brain working.

We offer army-themed birthday parties in the bush for boys and girls and their parents/carers. Older (or younger!) siblings and friends are welcome to join the fun.

Our gaming guns shoot up to 150m/500ft combat range.

Fun Birthday Parties Ideas & Games

Laser Skirmish is a great choice for a boy's birthday party or a family fun day out. At Laser Skirmish, our army parties in the forest are suitable for primary school-aged kids and their parents (and siblings).

Here at Laser Skirmish, we call it our "Family Fun Session."

Recon your local battlefield, click on "locations" to get started.

Party at your Place? 

If you would prefer to throw the party in your backyard then visit our sister site "Laser Tag in a Box". 

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