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Zombie Wars: Spooktacular Thrills

Zombie Wars on the Gold Coast

Laser Skirmish Gold Coast is planning a spooktactular Halloween season again this year with lots of fun zombie wars for young and old.

zpmbie wars laser tag You are invited to celebrate some spooktacular thrills with Zombie Wars.

The goal of the Halloween Season is to create a series of frightfully fun events ffor the young and the young at heart to experience. This is an all age event. (If you are interested in a scarier event for older gamers, see our special event "Scarlet Hollow 2."

Laser Skirmish knows how to create fun zombie laser tag games.

Gamers are encouraged to come in costume. After all dressing up for Halloween is half the fun! There are lots of options such as zombies (of course) ghosts and ghools, wtiches and warlocks and more.

No Tricks: You Get the Treats

No Tricks. You get the Treats. Every player gets a free lollie bag!

Gamers will be made to work for their treats. During each 2 hour session, players need to take turns at erradicating the zombie horde! Players need to shoot a Domination Box and each other. When the zombie team players tag the box it will issue a sound effect "zombies are dominating" and when the heroes shoot the box it will issue a SFX "survivors are dominating." The team which controls the box the longest will be the winner!

Here are the dates/times for this year's Halloween season:

Tickets are limited, call PHONE: 1300666559 to book.

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