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Thunderbird Park Plays Host To A New Outbreak Of Zombie Games "Zyphoid Mary"

zyphoid maryGOLD COAST, June 28th 2016:  An interactive zombie-killing experience at Thunderbird Park will arm heroes with rifles and sub-machine-guns and send them on a mission through the dark rainforest to save the Gold Coast from an undead apocalypse.

For one night only July 8th, Laser Skirmish Gold Coast combines with Haunted Attractions Australia to produce “Zyphoid Mary”.

The "Zyphoid Mary" zombie game attraction will take over five acres of the Thunderbird Park rainforest.

This experience lets you hunt hordes of zombies.

The terror will be unleashed in the rainforests of the Gold Coast hinterland.

Once inside the infected zone, enlistees will be tasked with completing a series of scenarios each harder than the last.

The infrared weapons are inspired by video game guns. A custom-made infrared laser tag gun will be carried by each hero. The laser skirmish guns record each player's kills, accuracy and other game statistics. Gamers will be issues with Honey-Badgers, P90s and Spitfire Uzis per squad.

Throughout the scenario gamers will have the chance for armour and weapon upgrades.

All that stands between the Zombies and world apocalypse is a few hundred brave souls with a couple of hours to kill and a spare $45 to burn.

Husband and wife team Peter and Nicole Lander, inventors of Laser Skirmish have been running live video games at Tamborine for more than 15 years. 

“Our bold heroes will be armed with infrared gaming guns, and their mission is to battle through the Dead Zone to an infected Laboratory. During the scenario gamers and attempt to upgrade their infrared weaponry,” said Nicole.

The infrared weaponry on the battlefield is award winning and incorporates the patented SATR technology.

The zombies are rigged with infrared sensors so the heroes know when they've got them. 

Each hero starts off with a single-shot rifle and if they make it to the way-point they are upgraded to a fully automatic rifle. This gaming guns records, in real-time, each gamer’s statistics like number of kills, accuracy percentage and more.

The experience is fun and unique to the haunted house industry.

Instead of running away from the horror as you do in a typical haunted house, you are the hero, you chase it down.

“While there is the thrill of playing laser skirmish in the forest, gamers also need tactics and to work together to rid Tamborine of the Zombie scourge,” said Nicole.

To enlist phone 1300 666 559. View the Facebook event 

What: Zyphoid Mary - Zombie Killing Scenario
Where: Thunderbird Park, Gold Coast
When: July 8th, from 7pm   
Tickets: Limited Tickets Available, Bookings essential

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