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Real Life Video Game - Take Your Birthday Party to the Next Level

Real life video game: boost your next children's party with all the fun, adventure and tactics of Geelong Laser Strike

Laser Strike Geelong

Geelong Laser Strike is the perfect party choice for kids who love to get active. A huge course provides the space for tactical mission where teams of up to 50 kids can work together to win one of the laser challenges.

Laser Strike Geelong Jason Cahill said kids loved Laser Strike because it was like a real-life video game.

"It is a great group activity that gets the kids of the couch and playing together while having to thing cleverly and tactically," he said.
"They have a lot of fun."

Mr Cahill said kids love just having fun with their friends.
"It is all about being able to let them enjoy the day," he said.

Source: Geelong News
Wednesday July 24


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