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New Laser Skirmish Online Directory

Want to find a place to shoot to thrill?

Looking for a place to shoot to thrill? There is a new and improved web site directory for that. Laser Skirmish operators can now benefit from an online directory, with the launch of the new site.

Battlefield Sports inventor of Laser Skirmish (also known as Battlefield LIVE) has released a new web site director that locates gaming venues near you.

This cool new site, was re-built from the ground up with the help of veteran and newbie gamers' input.laser skirmish p90

This new comprehensive directory for Laser Skirmish lovers of all kinds (indoor, outdoor, mobile and zombie) is devoted to making it easy for you to find your place to play.

This is the most comprehensive list of Laser Skirish venues in Australia and New Zealand and lists more than 75 locations.

While not a franchise, the one thing that all these venues have in common is that they use Battlefield Sports laser tag equipment.

new web directoryThe new website features:

Marketing C.O. Nicole Lander said a key focus had been on improving website content to help spread the thrill of laser skirmish to gamers as well as improving functionality for existing gamers.

Gamers can search by state to recon their closest battlefield.

The web site also makes it easy to get directions to each battlefield as it is integrated with Google maps. It is also mobile-firendly. has been designed to bring the local business to the forefront and place them in front of their potential customers.

"The new site looks great as well as being intuitive. So it is easier to navigate," said Nicole.

One of the cool things of the new web portal, it is "which gamer are you?" feature. Gamers can choose to be:

"C.O. Siren" the go-to gal for Laser Skirmish is back.

“Siren encapsulates the essential characteristics at the core of laser skirmish – personality: brawn and brains. Oh and she's pretty too,” said Nicole Lander.

The site also offers gamers the latest news in the laser skirmish world.

The Laser Skirmish directory continues to grow with more gaming venues added regularly. The directory is 'human-edited'vwhich means the listings that are added and maintained are edited by Battlefield Sports staff, not a web-bot.

Visit the Laser Skirmish directory today and get for some: "Ready, Aim... Fun!”


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