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Christmas Gift Ideas for Teens

Some Great Ideas for Christmas Gifts for Teens - Gift Certifcates

Organising a gift certificate or voucher for a few games of laser skirmish is a great idea for kids and teens at Christmas. It is a gift they'll love and it won't break the budget.

christmas gift certicates Most laser skirmish battlefields across the country offer economical gift certificates that you can pre-purchase for your teen's present.

A double pass for laser skirmish is a great idea considering an average new computer or Xbox game comes with a $100 a pop price tag.

Getting the teens and kids active is also an alternative prices to an experience toy or music download.

Check out our current prices at, click here.

Order by giving us a call (PH 1300 666 559) we are happy to help.

All gift certificates are valid for up to 6 months from the date of purchase.

Please note that all participants under 18 must ask their legal guardian to sign a Membership Form prior to play.




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