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Game On Outdoor Laser Tag

Game On Activities - Outdoor Laser Tag

This is an action packed army style game.

Grab a group of 10-30 people and have yourself an action packed combat army style game of tag, in our purpose built arena of eucalyptus trees, hide if you can or be on attack.

Get the team working together, and those competitive spirits pumping.

Or just enjoy fun and laughter with our organised team races, relays, fun icebreakers and team building events.

Personalised packages are designed to test your workplace, group or school.

Get off the couch, grab some friends and family and get the blood pumping! With laser skirmish you can warm yourself up in a action packed game of Outdoor Combat Laser Tag.

Minimum age is eight years old, players need enclosed shoes and a cap, along with plenty of energy and team players looking for FUN!!!

Our new Zombie software has now arrived, be the first to play Zombie Wars here these holidays


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